Monday, April 20, 2009

What do we need to teach our students to be successful in the 21st Century? Take a look the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework. How could t

We need to teach our students to be flexible and curious. Curious because this will lead them to learn and try new things with technology. Flexible because things are always changing. I think we are implementing this in our classroom. We could be doing more of this. For example, we are wroking on problem solving and higher level thinking skills. Obviously the benefits are that we are challenging the students to think at a higher level and out of the box.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Video clip

How connected are you?
I thought I knew technology and was up to date with it, but after watching that clip I am now less comfortable with it. I do feel I am connected, but I do have a ways to go.

Are you a 21st Century learner, teacher or both?
I am trying to be a 21st century learner and teacher. I have taken college classes on technology such as webpages and powerpoint. I have then implemented the things I have learned into my classroom.

What role do you play in supporting the 21st Century student?
I have an important role in supporting my students. I need to stay up to date on new technology and I need to help my students learn how to use this technology appropriately.

My most successful lesson!

What has been your most successful lesson where you have integrated technology so far? What made it successful? How would you modify it for the next time you use it?What are some other ways you are planning on integrating technology this year?

Today I did an interactive match game with fractions and percents. Students came into the classroom in the morning and this was the assignment each student had to do after they put everything away. The students all wanted to try it and they all were able to do it. This also made the students put thier materials away and get ready much faster. It was great reveiw and practice for the students. In this interactive game, it lets the students know if they did it write or wrong when they press finish. I wouldn't change a thing on this lesson. I am going to continue to do it every morning with different subjects. I only just wish we had another smartboard because it did take quite along time for everyone to get a chance at it. Kevin Lowry

Monday, March 2, 2009


I created a lesson on Greece. It is basically like a powerpoint slide show. I was able to link movies from discovery learning in, which went with what I was teaching that day. I brought in pictures from outside to make it eye appealing. The best thing is that I have it created and saved for years to come. Yeah! Next I will have to work on Rome.